Breakdown of The Waseca Biomes Curriculum

The Waseca Biomes Curriculum is something special. It is so different than any other science, geography, cultural curriculum I’ve ever seen. The aim of this curriculum is to teach children that all things in the web of life are interconnected and about the concept of adaption through experimental, hands-on lessons. The curriculum, Montessori in nature, […]

Where’s the Curriculum for Montessori Homeschooling!?

This was one of my biggest questions when I began my obsessive research on the Montessori method. I became frustrated finding programs that appeared to be “Montessori”, but were not authentic. All too often just slapping the name on their program for marketing purposes. I finally found the clear cut answer through conversations with with […]

Getting Started with Montessori Homeschooling

For the overwhelmed, tired, and confused parent. So you’ve fallen head over heels with the Montessori method, you know THIS truly is the way kids learn best, you want to go all in immediately but you’re not sure where to start? This was ME! While I was completing my BA in Educational Studies, I developed […]

Lent 2020 (FREE beautiful prayer cards!)

I’ve always had a tough time sticking to my Lenten practices, so this year I taped up some visual reminders and used Jenna’s printable to organize my thoughts. You can find this worksheet in Jenna’s Etsy shop: “callherhappy” Here are the links to the prayer cards I’ve made to aid in putting my Lenten practices […]