Resources for Teaching Fetal Development to Primary Age Learners.

Compilation of resources we’ve been using to aid my son (primary age) in learning about our growing baby’s development.

FREE fetal development and fruit comparison PDF book!

PLUS a free novena printable for expectant mamas!

Our eldest son (4.5) had taken great interest in learning about his baby sister while she was in utero. These are the resources that we had been using over the past few months that go over fetal development at an age appropriate level:

Angel in the Waters: This book is my son’s favorite. It tells of a baby and an angel in utero. It has sparked some wonderful family conversations about guardian angels.

Nine Months: Before a Baby is Born: The text to this story is simple yet informative. In the back of the book each small blurb of text has a paragraph that elaborates upon the details given preiviously in the story, making this a wonderful choice if you have children of varying ages. The illustrations are extremely detailed and drawn to actual size.

Parts of the Womb and Baby Development Cards: This site has FREE 3-part cards detailing  “parts of the womb” and sequencing cards for baby development. 

Pregnancy Labeling Poster: After laminating, I added some velcro to this pregnancy anatomy poster to create more of a puzzle.

Fetal Development and Fruit Comparison Book: FREE PDF downloadable book I created for my son using beautiful medically accurate images by Laura Maaske, MSc.BMC, Medical Illustrator & Medical Animator. Here site can be found HERE.

And for the expectant mamas: FREE Pregnancy Novena Prayer Cards

I came across this beautifully written novena via this blog while pregnant with my second and I ended up delivering him the same day I finished the novena! This time around I decided to type it up and add some photos. Enjoy!

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