Breakdown of The Waseca Biomes Curriculum

The Waseca Biomes Curriculum is something special. It is so different than any other science, geography, cultural curriculum I’ve ever seen.

The aim of this curriculum is to teach children that all things in the web of life are interconnected and about the concept of adaption through experimental, hands-on lessons.

The curriculum, Montessori in nature, is filled with hands-on lessons suitable for children ages 3-12! Perfect for whole-family learning. The sections are broken down by systems and subsystems of the natural world. For example, one of the units are ” Elements that Support Life on Earth” then the following 4 units are “Energy”, “Air”, “Water”, and “Soil”.

I’ve created this free chart to help parents utilize the curriculum by organizing the lessons by age group to see where instruction can overlap.

Many lessons suggest purchasing their company’s materials, but they can be easily adapted to DIY them or just use whatever you have on hand, etc. Waseca Biomes also offers many free resources in their A-Z PDF library.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Waseca Biomes, I highly encourage you to check them out! I’d recommend purchasing their Introduction to Biomes set first as well as a single 3-part card tray. This set includes the curriculum book and a HUGE set of 3-part cards that’ll keep you busy for a while! Waseca Biomes recently published these cards as a PDF download if you’d prefer to print them yourself. If you’d like to just purchase the curriculum book it can be found on Amazon.

This post was not sponsored by Waseca Biomes, just wanted to share a well-rounded science/geography/culture curriculum we love!

Click HERE for $15 off your Waseca Biomes order!

For a scope and sequence of their curriculum click HERE.

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