Free ABC Saint Flash Cards

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So… I forgot to schedule in any type of Saint study this year! I wasn’t keen on purchasing something extra and couldn’t find anything for free that stood out to me, till I stumbled upon features millions of books, movies, music, and more- for FREE!

There I found “An Alphabet of Saints” by Robert Hugh Benson. This book is a British classic from 1905! I re-formatted the pages to be 5×7 flash cards for easy print and use purposes.

Each card features:

+ vintage sketch of a scene from the life of a saint with the corresponding letter

+ a short biographical summary of the saint’s life, mission, and feast day

+ sweet rhythmic poem about the saint

We’ll be studying 1 Saint per unit (every 2 weeks).

Download your free flash cards HERE!

You can find the ABC scripture verse cards pictured on the right HERE.

If you’d prefer a hard copy of “An Alphabet of Saints” that can be found HERE

Or check out the free version online HERE

I recommend printing the Saint flash cards single-sided on card stock and laminating for longevity.

Disclaimer: This book is in the public domain thus it is free to use for personal and commercial use. Some words may be faded and difficult to read due to the book being over 100 years old.

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